June’s shoplog

Posted on juni 26, 2014

June’s shoplog

I already did a bit more shopping this June, but I’m going to share you a few items from my recent purchases. Besides, it has already been a long time since I have shared a shoplog with you guys. Maybe I should do a video next time, what do you think? :) Anyway, be sure to continue reading!

June’s shoplog June’s shoplog

Like always, I hardly can leave the H&M without buying something, or is it just me? I got this lovely bracelet for €7,95. I saw this bracelet and I fell in love with the blue stones, or whatever they’re called. ;) On the second picture I got a lovely summery hat for only €7,00, it even was on sale, oh yeah! I always loved those hats but never got one. I’m really happy with it, it’s really a must-have for every girl to spicy up the wardrobe!

June’s shoplog

Remember I reviewed the W7 Pistachio nail polish? I accidently came accross the w7 products in a local store. A good time to get some more if you ask me. The first one is the W7 full time lip colour and that cost me €3,99 – worth trying, don’t you think? The other one is a hair product, it’s the W7 hair chalk that cost €5,99 – it seems you can color your hair and wash it out right away, really comes in handy since I sometimes want to add some color to my hair but don’t think walkin’ around pink forever is my thing ;)

Let me know in the comments if you think I should do a shoplog video next time!


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  1. Infinity zegt:

    I would love to see a shoplog video of these items! x

  2. Christine zegt:

    Did the hair chalk work for you? I feel like when I first tried it my hair was too dark which stinks! Dark haired ladies like funky hair colors, too! :P

  3. Alexis zegt:

    Hey girl!

    Love those bracelets! I can never wear that type those because they are always too big for me! :-( I’m sure you’re look great with them on!


  4. Shannon zegt:

    Will you be posting pictures of your hair after using the hair chalk…I would love to see how it turns out! Such a great concept!

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  5. Kimberley zegt:

    Oh, dat hoedje vind ik vooral super!
    En die chalk lijkt me heel stoer.

  6. Elisa zegt:

    Between some days in Milan there are big sales then crazy shopping for everibody!

  7. Shannon zegt:

    Love those bangles and hat!! So cute!!

    <3 Shannon

  8. Jenny zegt:

    Love the hat, it’s perfect for the summer! I like watching shopping haul vidoes, you should do one next time!

  9. darcy zegt:

    You got great stuff! I have never tried hair chalk!

  10. Debbie zegt:

    Wow lovely buys! I’ve been searching high and low for a suitable wide-brimmed straw hat for my upcoming Asia trip (in 10 days!)to replace the one I just lost on my Caribbean cruise trip; however, so far I’ve had ill luck :( Today I bought a super fancy straw hat that’s fit for a Derby but it’s not practical for touring a city. Also love the other items you got, those accessories are just beautiful!

    xx Debbie


  11. Marah zegt:

    Love love LOVE the hat!

  12. Sas zegt:

    Ben benieuwd naar de W7 full time lip colour

  13. Christina zegt:

    I love the bracelet and hat! They are the perfect summertime accessories :) I definitely need to add more bracelets to my jewelry collection!



  14. Kirsty zegt:

    Leuke shoplog! Qua hoeveel je nu hebt gekocht vind ik een artikel nog wel prima, maar stel dat je de volgende keer wat meer hebt gekocht, dan zou een shoplog video ook leuk zijn! :)

  15. Anett zegt:

    Great purchases! I love the idea of hair chalk!


  16. Crystal zegt:

    I LOVE THAT HAT!! D:::

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