Let’s take a walk together

Posted on juni 22, 2014

Let's take a walk together

One of the things I love to do is to walk around in the forest, I love being around nature, except those bugs though. ;) I enjoy walking around on those lovely roads towards a new journey, adventures and the ability to grow as a person. It’s a nice way to spend the day being able to understand who you are and what you’re capable of doing. Dear readers, do you want to take a walk together me for our new adventures?

Let's take a walk together

Let's take a walk together

Let's take a walk together

Let's take a walk together

Let's take a walk together

Let's take a walk together

Don’t be silly, I’m not obsessed with floral prints, it only looks like it. ;) I got this skirt from Vero Moda ages ago but I didn’t have a top to style it with.  At my last shopping spree I was able to find this orange/peachy top at Shoeby which was perfect for this skirt! I also added the blue heels which were perfect for this look. I love to finish of the look with some outstanding shoes! I got them also in black at Van Haren. I matched this look with a subtle lovely blue heart necklace. I’m really happy that I was able to style this lovely floral skirt in the end, clothes shouldn’t be gathering dust in your closet! ;)

Do you have a clothing item in your closet that you have trouble with styling? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jenny zegt:

    I hate walking in the forest because of the bugs, but you can get some amazing photos there :) Love your blue shoes, they really add a pop of color to your outfit!

  2. Kirsty zegt:

    Leuke outfit! Ik vind vooral je laarsjes en je rokje erg leuk!

  3. Allie Mackin zegt:

    Oh loving the pop of blue in shoes I have a pair in suede in this color but they are flats.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. Sas zegt:

    wat een leuk rokje!!!

  5. Roxanne zegt:

    ohh die laarsjes zijn echt geweldig :)

  6. Kimberley zegt:

    Dat rokje is zo schattig.
    En inderdaad een mooie omgeving!

  7. You look stunning Melissa! Love your gorgeous outfit xoxo <3

  8. Shannon zegt:

    Gorgeous!!! Those cobalt heels are amazing!!

    <3 Shannon

  9. Lucy Goodman zegt:

    I love going on walks too! Your electric blue shoes are amazing. I am impressed, I don’t think I would be able to walk far in them!! Great blog post xx


  10. Anoushka zegt:

    Those shoes! I love them! Xx

  11. Rachel zegt:

    What a cute look! Love your skirt and these adorable blue booties!

  12. Lovely outfit :) Particularly like your skirt and shoes! xoxo

    ps. I absolutely LOVE your blog design! So sleek and works really well :)


  13. mindy135 zegt:

    You look so pretty!! I love those blue shoes and that skirt! It’s such a cute skirt, but I see what you mean about it being hard to style! I think you did a good job with the top though.

    walks in the summer are so perfect. I agree that the bugs are annoying (especially mosquitoes.. ) but bug spray or sesaeme oil on the skin (I heard) helps with that! =)


  14. It’s a perfect look for a walk,..blue color accentuates ur outfit, lovely!!!

  15. Lisette zegt:

    Wat een leuke look! Lief rokje & De schoentjes zijn echt nice!
    Leuke blog heb je, lijkt het je leuk om elkaar te volgen?

    Love, Lisette

  16. Debbie zegt:

    Aw what a sweet summertime outfit! I adore that cute tiered floral print skirt paired with those amazing bright blue booties! Simply fab outfit just perfect for a good walk :)

    xx Debbie


  17. kelseybang zegt:

    i am with ya, I love a good walk! what a lovely place to enjoy a walk! love your fun blue shoes!


  18. Hélène zegt:

    The forest definitely has its charms. Great pop of color!

    xx Hélène

  19. Annabelle zegt:

    I love the shoes!
    Walks in forests are really fun! Walking around aimlessly is a good pastime.

    Put The Radio On

  20. Ramona zegt:

    I love nature too. It is so calming and wonderful. Such a pretty summer look. You look like fairy.

    xoxo Ra


  21. Milu zegt:

    Love that cute skirt on you!!! it is so summery, feminine and fun! I’m like you, I love long walks as long as there is not many bugs around lol


  22. darcy zegt:

    Beautiful photos!! That is the prettiest forest!

  23. shekinah zegt:

    Hi, I visited your site yesterday but couldn’t leave a comment because a wordpress error showed up. Anyway, I love your post. You look so pretty and your outfit is so cute! I love the colors and floral print. I also like walking but most of the time I prefer walking alone. I do it when I need to get some fresh air and think. Walking helps me concentrate and think. Haha!

    x, shekinahjoy.com
    Bloglovin | Facebook

  24. Christina zegt:

    This is such a pretty outfit! Your skirt is just perfect for the summer time. I love how you paired it with those statement heels. Love your style!



  25. Paula zegt:

    I love taking long walks, being outdoors and getting some peace and quiet once in a while :)

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  26. love your shoes …
    would you follow each other ?

  27. hello beautiful, beautiful post, I really like. ideal.


  28. Anett zegt:

    That skirt is so pretty! Beautiful forest setting.


  29. Hannah zegt:

    Love that blue heart necklace!!

  30. Eva Halinor zegt:

    A very nice and gentle look! I love this fine necklace!


  31. Margo zegt:

    Oooh die schoenen Melis! Supertof zeg :)

  32. Imogen zegt:

    Now you make me want to go for a walk in a forest it must be really beautiful. I am so in love with your adorable little shoes.

  33. Bee zegt:

    Omg. I love those boots!
    I’m in love with them.
    Lovely outfit!

  34. Maddie zegt:

    I love walking in the forest as well- I love how silent and magical it is in contrast to the busy life! :)
    You are wearing such a cool outfit- those shoes are definitely a statement piece!


  35. julia zegt:

    deze outfit ziet er weer zo mooi uit!!!

    Xx julia

  36. Crystal zegt:

    I love that it’s not so matchie, but still tied together really well! <3 Looks good!

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