W7 Full time lip colour passionate

Posted on juli 2, 2014

W7 Full time lip colour passionate

If you saw my latest post; June’s shoplog, you already know that I was going to review those W7 products. I’m really excited to try them out because I loved the W7 Pistachio nail polish on my nails! Today I’m going to start with the W7 Full time lip colour – passionate. This lovely lipgloss cost me €3,99 – worth trying, don’t you think? It says it last for 24 hours… be sure to continue reading to see if it’s true!

W7 Full time lip colour passionate

W7 Full time lip colour passionate

1. Apply colour to clean lips and allow to dry
2. Apply lip gloss on top of the colour, reapply as needed
3. Remove with an oiled base make up remover

W7 Full time lip colour passionate

W7 Full time lip colour passionate

W7 Full time lip colour passionate

W7 Full time lip colour passionate

First of all, I’m in love with this passionate colour of the W7 lip stick/gloss. It’s such a pretty colour on the lips. It really surprised me with how vibrant it is. This “lipstick” was easy to apply but I had to re-apply the gloss coating quite frequently around every hour because it felt try on the lips fast. Plus, the colour kept rubbing off on my teeth. After 3-4 hours the colour started to crumble, which quite annoyed me.

The best thing to do is to keep your beauty tissues with you if you’re taking this lipstick with you, so that you can easily re-apply it on the lips. It’s not a bad lipstick in the beginning but it just doesn’t last that long. It was still on the lips after 5 hours, but not in a pretty way. I don’t really suggest this lipgloss and I’m sad about it because the W7 nailpolishes are pretty good.

Have you ever tried something of the W7 series?


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  1. Milu zegt:

    What a great review! I’m always experimenting with new lipsticks and lip glosses to find the perfect combination for my lips! I will try this product for sure :)


  2. Nailsbyfml zegt:

    Wauw, die pigmentatie en kleur <3

  3. Kya zegt:

    What a shame that it didn’t turn out how you expected. I guess that is all part of trial and error and seeing what works.

    The colour looks really pretty too. :(

  4. patoirblog zegt:

    Wel een prachtig kleurtje!

  5. Infinity zegt:

    Leuke review! Het zier er een fijne lipstick uit! ♥

  6. Kimberley zegt:

    Inderdaad wel een goede kleur,
    maar wat jammer dat het eigenlijk geen topper is.

  7. Shannon zegt:

    Great review! That is such a gorgeous color!

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  8. Shannon zegt:

    Awesome review! I have a MAC version and it’s amazing!

    <3 Shannon

  9. Kirsty zegt:

    Jammer dat je niet zo enthousiast bent! De kleur vind ik wel erg mooi!

  10. Hannah zegt:

    Great review! Thanks for this!

  11. Little Yara zegt:

    Geweldig, vooral nu het lekker weer is!

  12. Paula zegt:

    Beautiful color, so bright and glossy!

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  13. Sas zegt:

    Ziet er goed uit, ik hou zelf alleen niet zo van felle kleuren op mijn lippen..

  14. shekinah zegt:

    Wow! Nice review. The shade looks good on you. :D

  15. Debbie zegt:

    Wow what a gorgeous colour! So glad you reviewed this awesome product, I’m always on the lookout for more reliable and lovely lip colours as it is prob my favourite beauty staple!

    xx Debbie


  16. Anett zegt:

    Looks like a nice pigmented shade! Have a great weekend!


  17. Re zegt:

    I really appreciate this honest review. Too bad the product didn’t live up to the hype as the color is amazing.


  18. Wow the color of the lipgloss looks amazing on your completion and it says it last 24 hours that is a plus on my book! Thanks for sharing xoxo <3 http://www.fashionphases.com

  19. Jonne zegt:

    Heel mooi kleurtje. Lekker voor in de zomervakantie of op een festival.

  20. Eva Halinor zegt:

    Have never seen such a thing in our shos! Thanks for review!


  21. Jurika zegt:

    it looks amazing ~ really intresting~

    u are so sweet~

    My blog ♥ New Review

  22. Agent Q zegt:

    Sorry that it didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped. I realized a pattern though. You said you were disappointed because W7 polishes were good. When one thing of a same brand is good, that does not necessarily mean that everything of that brand is as good. I tend to be skeptical of things like this, which is why I look at items individually

  23. Yoannita L zegt:

    It looks so beautiful on you!! I love it :)


  24. Jenny zegt:

    Love the bright pink, it’s so perfect for the summer! Sorry to hear about the crumbling though, it must be really dry for that to happen!

  25. Silke Laura zegt:

    It looks surprisingly bright! But yeh, I expected it might not last very long.. too bad really! x

  26. Rainbow zegt:

    Such a great review! Always annoying when you think something that is going to be good does not turn out the way you wanted
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  27. Crystal zegt:

    Ohhh, I love that color! :D Shiny lips are shiny.

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